Gender Reveal Party Ideas

If you’re planning to throw a baby gender reveal party, then here are some great gender reveal party ideas to help you start planning. A baby gender reveal party is a new trend that’s sweeping across the baby world. This can be a lot of fun for your whole family and friends, especially if planned properly.

The theme of the party, invitations, the decorations and activities, and the food all contribute to the overall success of a gender reveal party. This below site is fantastic you can personalize your own decorations, gifts or prizes for the big day, below is a sneak preview for you.

Make Custom Gifts at CafePress
The decorations for the party should not be for beautification purposes only. You can go wild with your creativity to tie up your decorations with the activities that you’re going to be having. You can set up a booth somewhere in your living room where guests can cast in their votes if it is a boy or a girl. Or, you can invite them to suggest a boy or a girl name. You can find a lot of very interesting gender reveal party ideas from the internet for this one. You will find a whole lot more Gender Reveal Party Ideas in my new ebook get it now

Even how your food decoration is setup can contribute to the overall theme, I have found this amazing site to help you out called A Brownie Affair

Created by A Brownie Affair


You can buy blue and pink soda, and decorate the jugs with baby stuff. You can also secretly have a cake ordered with blue or pink filling to finally reveal your baby’s gender at the perfect time during the party. Check out this video on Gender Reveal Party Cake



Or you can be original and create you own healthy fruit eats as my friends (Jane Hedger – Brisbane) did, they named him Bruce and he was a great hit at the party and yummy too.

Bruce the Gender Reveal Party fruit platter – created by Jane Hedger










For activities, you can play traditional baby shower games like the Chocolate Bar Game. Husbands don’t know this, and it can be quite interesting. You can also play the “Old Wives’ Tales” Game, where you can “predict” the baby’s gender by asking the couple a list of questions believed to be “accurate” in determining the baby’s gender. This is a lot of fun, and can be quite embarrassing sometimes, but all in the spirit of fun.

Expecting a new baby is a very exciting time for a couple. One of the most thrilling parts of pregnancy is revealing the baby’s gender. Don’t announce it just by making a phone call to your family and friends. Make your baby reveal a big, wonderful, landmark event in your life by holding a well-planned baby gender reveal party. Celebrate the arrival of the newest addition in your family with all your friends and loved ones. You can even ask them for their gender reveal party ideas.

Do’s and don’ts of baby shower/gender reveal party games

Baby shower/gender reveal party games range from the cute to the corny and sometimes reach slightly embarrassing. Shower games typically act as icebreakers and as entertainment for the mom-to-be and guests. Over the years, certain games have become traditional activities at baby showers. These include Baby Word Searches, the Clothespin Game and Baby Bingo. When planning baby shower games, keep in mind six important tips.

Do Focus on the Activity

Amanda K. Ruisi recently hosted a baby shower for her good friend, actress Melissa Joan Hart. In an interview about the successful shower Amanda told, “Anything that focuses more on an activity offers a lot of fun.” Amanda opted for activities such as cake decorating and crafts and The Gender Reveal Party Store for Melissa’s shower.

Don’t Make Games Overly Complicated

Baby shower games should engage all ages of guests and never embarrass anyone because she or he didn’t understand how to play. Not everyone is comfortable speaking up and asking for an explanation about game guidelines.

Do Provide Fun Game Favors

When playing a game such as Baby Bingo or Name that Baby Tune, be sure to have some great game favors. Look to the professionals at Party Pail for great suggestions or browse the company’s online selection. It offer favors to fit most themes and budgets.

Don’t Select Games That May be Offensive

Many baby shower game lists contain a game that involves melting different types of candy bars and placing them in disposable diapers. The guests then are asked to identify the candy bar types by looking at and tasting the “soiled” diapers. This game can be offensive on multiple levels. Some guest may not appreciate the simulation of dirty diapers or find the humor in it. Other guests may find the wastefulness of using disposable diapers in this manner offensive. If you are hosting an eco-friendly baby shower, this is not the game to play.

Do Play a Balance of Games That Rely on Both Chance and Skill

Provide a variety of baby shower games to entertain all guests. Mix it up by playing a game such as Unscramble the Baby Words followed by Baby Shower Bingo. The first takes a bit of skill while the other is pure chance. Party Pail offers several varieties of Baby Shower Bingo including gender-specific games and a deluxe 15 player set.

Don’t Aggressively Challenge Guests to Participate

You may have a guest or two who simply does not feel comfortable participating in group games. Putting this type of guest on the spot or calling attention to their lack of participation can be considered rude. You’re aggressiveness may embarrass or even anger the expectant mom. After all, these are her guests and should be treated with respect. If a guest does not want to participate, offer an encouraging word and smile and then let it go.

Do Consider the Mom-to-be When Planning All Games

Most likely if you are planning a baby shower for an expectant mom, you know her pretty well. She may be a relative, dear friend or coworker. Use your knowledge of the guest of honor’s likes and dislikes to select games and choose activities. If she is sensitive about the size of her baby bump, do not play Measure the Belly. If she follows celebrity lifestyles closely, do opt for Celebrity Baby Name Match game.

Tips for Getting Pregnant

Tips For Getting Pregnant

If you’re like most women, you have probably spent a good portion of your adult life trying not to get pregnant. And you have probably received lots of information from various sources (friends, family, school) on just how to accomplish this. I’m sure you imagined that when the time came that you actually wanted to get pregnant, it would be quite an easy task. That tips on getting pregnant would be the last thing you would need. Simply stop using any precautions, ie. birth control, and that should do it!

Well, as it turns out, it is not always so simple. Yet most women have much more knowledge about how to avoid getting pregnant than how to actually get pregnant. You probably never thought you would need any tips on getting pregnant, but the truth is it might not “just happen” unless you get some good information first.

If you ask your friends for tips on getting pregnant, most will just tell you to have a lot of sex. This is definitely a good start, but the number one mistake that couples make when trying to get pregnant is improper timing of intercourse. One of the biggest reasons that occurs is because many women have the mistaken idea that they ovulate on day 14. This is a myth that has been perpetuated because most examples of an ideal menstrual cycle use a model of 28 days, in which case it is likely you would ovulate around day 14–but not definitely. However, many women do not have a perfect 28 day cycle, it can range from 24 days to 35 days or even a bit more or less. So you must never assume that you ovulate on day 14–that is one of the best tips on getting pregnant that you could ever get.

So how do you figure out when you do actually ovulate? Well, there are several methods that can help you accomplish this. One way is using a basal body thermometer and take your temperature each morning upon waking and keep a record for several months. You will start to see a pattern that shows a slight shift up in the temperatures each month. At the point that your temperature shifts up, you have just ovulated. Keeping this chart for a few months will give you a very good idea as to the approximate time of month that you in fact ovulate.

Another thing you can do is check your cervical mucus throughout your cycle to notice any changes. You will start to notice that your cervical fluid changes in consistency as you get towards the middle of the cycle. When the cervical fluid becomes clear and stretchy (like raw eggwhites), you are approaching ovulation.

If you are more interested in a scientific method, you can purchase ovulation test kits, a saliva test kit or a fertility monitor. Each of these note changes in your hormones that indicate when ovulation is approaching. These methods are more expensive, but can be very reliable.

Once you have pinpointed when you will be ovulating, you need to time intercourse so that you can have the maximum number of sperm “waiting” when your egg is released. One of the best tips on getting pregnant would be to have intercourse every day up through the day of ovulation as soon as you discover your ovulation is approaching through one of the methods outlined above. The reason is that the sperm can live for about 5 days inside a woman’s body while waiting for the egg to drop. Once ovulation occurs the egg only lives for a short time. So having intercourse after you have already ovulated is probably too late! The egg will start to disintegrate within 12-24 hours of ovulation.

So in conclusion, if you are searching for tips on getting pregnant, concentrate your efforts on figuring out when you ovulate so that you do not waste the small window of opportunity to get pregnant that arrives each month. Once you have that figured out, you can time intercourse to maximize your chances of having the most sperm available and “waiting” when the day of ovulation arrives. Good luck!

Beth Kiley is the author of the international best-selling e-book, Personal Path to Pregnancy. For more tips on getting pregnant, get her FREE report, “The 7 Most Common Mistakes to Avoid”, by going here: Personal Path to Pregnancy