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Expecting a new baby is a very exciting time for a couple. One of the most thrilling parts of pregnancy is revealing the gender of your beautiful little bundle. Don’t announce it just by making a phone call to your family and friends. Make your baby gender reveal party a big, wonderful, landmark event in your life by holding a well-planned baby gender reveal party. Celebrate the arrival of the newest addition in your family with all your friends and loved ones.
Baby gender reveal parties have become the latest trend in the baby world. Unlike a traditional baby shower, the whole family can become involved in its preparation, the husbands especially. Male guests are allowed as well, so it is expected to have more guests than usual. Not like a baby shower where only the wives are allowed to come. But it is a pretty good idea to hold the baby gender reveal party with a baby shower, instead of having two separate parties. It is like hitting two birds with one stone.

If you’re planning to throw a baby gender reveal party, then here are some great ideas to help you start planning. A baby gender reveal party is a new trend that’s sweeping across the baby world. This can be a lot of fun for your whole family and friends, especially if planned properly. The theme of the party, invitations, the decorations and activities, and the food all contribute to the overall success of a gender reveal party. Or if you want to make your own which is always fun try MakeΒ Custom GiftsΒ at CafePress you will love it.


Planning one month ahead of your gender reveal ultrasound for the party gives you just enough time to come up with a well prepared baby gender reveal party. Have the ultrasound technician keep the gender a big secret, and have them seal it in an envelope. I know you might be excited to know if it’s a boy or a girl, but keep your cool, and don’t let the temptation overcome you.


First thing to do when you’re planning is coming up with a well thought out theme. There are a lot of ways to come up with ideas for a great theme, and it’s really very easy. The most popular theme is “Team Boy vs Team Girl” or “Team Pink vs Team Blue”. Guests simply have to come wearing pink or blue clothes, whichever side they are on. You can also come up with a very nice invitation revolving around this theme.


Baby gender reveal parties are so much different from a baby shower, which is usually for the ladies only. Husbands can be involved, which makes it really more interesting. Also, you can hold a baby shower during your gender reveal party, instead of holding a separate party. It would be more fun since you have a lot more guests.


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  1. What is this devilry?!!? These parties sound like the stupidest, most ego-centric things around. “Hey, honey! Rather than celebrate our child in proper form, let’s make a whole big affair, drag our friends out, and then make a big deal about revealing the baby’s gender – thus removing the baby from the process and instead making it all about us!” <=SARCASM

    • Lol thanks for your thoughts – each to their own – personally I think these are great ideas and as most people know the gender beforehand – Why not celebrate πŸ™‚ everyone loves a celebration..

    • i celebrated my gender reveal with family and friends Sunday afternoon, most brought gifts of diapers and wipes since the host put on the invites that “diapers and wipes are appreciated” do i still need to send out thank yous? i was planning on it but a friend suggested it was not necessary since they were a given since it said on the invite?

    • Thanks for sharing – I always think it nice to send a thank you as an acknowledgement that you appreciated the gifts – you can do it by email also. And heck yes diapers and wipes are a fantastic present to get and I also like to give a little something special for Mum too πŸ™‚ thanks again

    • Such negativity. Try the point of view as sharing the joy and allowing friends and family to enjoy excitement as well. Currently planning a gender reveal party for my daughter. It is very exciting for everyone. Almost like christmas when we were kids. Very excited for the big “Reveal” moment.

    • Yes agreed and they are so much fun – I will be posting more photos and ideas in the next few days and thanks for you positive comment πŸ™‚

    • Wow. Someone sounds Angry about this. My husband and I find joy in our children and sharing the news with our family is WONDERFUL. Great Idea and thanks for the site!!!

    • Hi Happy Wife and Mother – thanks for your positive comments πŸ™‚ I think its a wonderful idea too and its fun too. Have you had a party?

    • wow this is a terrible attitude to have, babies are a celebration for all to enjoy and everyone loved being at our reveal to share the moment we found out what we were having. πŸ™‚

    • Hey thanks Tisha I agree but approved Don’s comment as I guess each to their own…and I wholeheartedly agree with you πŸ™‚

    • Hey Don Truthspeak…Who are you to determine what the “proper form” is for celebrating the upcoming birth of a child. Rather than making a dozen or more phone calls, sending a ton of emails or text messages I see nothing wrong with pulling everyone together to make the announcement all at once. How would you propose making it all about the baby? Sit at home and pat the belly saying “hello little person! So glad to know you’re going to be a boy/girl” Seriously? Sounds to me that your poor wife if you have one is a very lonely and bored woman considering you have zero sense of fun. Its not about the parents its about creative choices and wanting to share the excitement with those you love, again who are you to judge what anyone wants to do

    • I LOVE this idea! I plan on getting close friends and family over and have a great gender reveal party! I have a baking company and do brownie and cake pops and have had interest in gender reveal pops for parties! it is such a great way to get everyone excited! Of course the utmost importance is baby’s health but this is a nice way to celebrate and enjoy his or her arrival!

    • Hi Adel – thanks for you comment and yes gender reveal partys are great fun πŸ™‚

    • Really?!?!? I think it is all about the BABY! That is who the party is for….to help celebrate the new bundle of joy. I am going to have a gender reveal party for my child that is due in August and it is all bout the baby! Yes it is nice to get your friends and family together for the parents but the party is for the baby! Nobody is removing the baby from the process.

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    • Hey Jenny – thanks a million – I have a few more articles to go up this weekend πŸ™‚

    • Fantastic you will have fun, when is yours?
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  8. I really wanted to reveal the baby’s gender at a baby shower, but everyone wants to know before so they don’t have to get diapers for a gift at the baby shower (they think that is boring). I’d like to find a way to separate the two, and still make it a super memorable occasion. Any suggestions?

    • Hey Beth – well 1st up this is your memorable occasion so I think that if you want to do it at the baby shower that’s fine. Or have a Gender Reveal Party and then a baby shower at a later date?? might be over the top but it will be memorable and loads of fun! hope that helps?

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  10. Hello – thank you for your effort with this site and the ebook is a great help towards our preparation for our special day. We are going to use Dave’s idea and have our absent families skype in (thanks Dave) maybe you should add that to your ebook.

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    • Thanks Cody – you won’t be disappointed if you buy the ebook πŸ™‚

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    • Wow Debbie that was really quick off the mark! and thanks I am pretty happy with the updated version – enjoy and be sure to let me know how your big day goes πŸ™‚

  14. wow who the heck was that person!! An angry miserable person doesnt come to a site like this to begin with. so weird!!

  15. fantabulous site and the ebook is outstanding, it made our day and esp the skype tip, that way all the absent family were able to be there. thank you

    • Great thanks Shanny glad the ebook helped make your day a success πŸ™‚

  16. Our daughter is having twins and we thought it would be a neat way to help the two older kids be involved! We will have two big presents wrapped and let each older child open a present to reveal the balloons of pink and or blue!

    • Hello Janice – thanks for your comment, I have been thinking I really need to add more info for twins. I think your idea is a fantastic one πŸ™‚ hope the day is fantastic and I would love to hear how it goes.

      Many thanks

  17. I love the idea of a gender reveal party and so my sister is gonna do one for me. I love your ideas on here of the games to play and all the other ideas you supply. I wanted to know when is the best time to do a gender reveal party. Because I should have my ultrasound by the end of september and my baby is due Feb 24, 2013. Thanks for feedback if you can provide some.

  18. We are hosting a reveal on Saturday for my daughter. Our first grand baby is coming!
    All friends and family are very much looking forward to finding out what gender the baby is and it is going to be a great time of celebration!

    • Hi – how exciting in many ways for you – please let me know how it went and what you did as I am always interested to hear πŸ™‚ most of all have fun and thanks for commenting

  19. I may be a little more traditional in my views. I was just invited to a reveal party and they are making it a fundraising event, so invitees are told “don’t forget to bring gambling money.” I guess I can accept the idea of this new type of party (would not chose to do so myself), but have a problem with the gambling aspect. The bringing of a new child into the world is a precious and wonderful moment, which, as the commercial says, is priceless. I don’t think we should be betting on the gender. What’s next – betting on whether the newborn will have blue or brown eyes or all five fingers?

    • Hi Peter thanks for your comment – I have not heard of gambling at a Gender Reveal Party however this is probably a bit of harmless fun and really it is up to the couple involved how they chose to run their party. I personally think the parties are a fantastic idea as all through pregnancy people always ask – do you know the sex? Is it a boy or a girl etc – However you are entitled to your view and thanks for sharing and you do not have to attend if you do not agree with it as it may not be nice for other guests πŸ™‚


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