Do’s and don’ts of baby shower/gender reveal party games

Baby shower/gender reveal party games range from the cute to the corny and sometimes reach slightly embarrassing. Shower games typically act as icebreakers and as entertainment for the mom-to-be and guests. Over the years, certain games have become traditional activities at baby showers. These include Baby Word Searches, the Clothespin Game and Baby Bingo. When planning baby shower games, keep in mind six important tips.

Do Focus on the Activity

Amanda K. Ruisi recently hosted a baby shower for her good friend, actress Melissa Joan Hart. In an interview about the successful shower Amanda told, “Anything that focuses more on an activity offers a lot of fun.” Amanda opted for activities such as cake decorating and crafts and The Gender Reveal Party Store for Melissa’s shower.

Don’t Make Games Overly Complicated

Baby shower games should engage all ages of guests and never embarrass anyone because she or he didn’t understand how to play. Not everyone is comfortable speaking up and asking for an explanation about game guidelines.

Do Provide Fun Game Favors

When playing a game such as Baby Bingo or Name that Baby Tune, be sure to have some great game favors. Look to the professionals at Party Pail for great suggestions or browse the company’s online selection. It offer favors to fit most themes and budgets.

Don’t Select Games That May be Offensive

Many baby shower game lists contain a game that involves melting different types of candy bars and placing them in disposable diapers. The guests then are asked to identify the candy bar types by looking at and tasting the “soiled” diapers. This game can be offensive on multiple levels. Some guest may not appreciate the simulation of dirty diapers or find the humor in it. Other guests may find the wastefulness of using disposable diapers in this manner offensive. If you are hosting an eco-friendly baby shower, this is not the game to play.

Do Play a Balance of Games That Rely on Both Chance and Skill

Provide a variety of baby shower games to entertain all guests. Mix it up by playing a game such as Unscramble the Baby Words followed by Baby Shower Bingo. The first takes a bit of skill while the other is pure chance. Party Pail offers several varieties of Baby Shower Bingo including gender-specific games and a deluxe 15 player set.

Don’t Aggressively Challenge Guests to Participate

You may have a guest or two who simply does not feel comfortable participating in group games. Putting this type of guest on the spot or calling attention to their lack of participation can be considered rude. You’re aggressiveness may embarrass or even anger the expectant mom. After all, these are her guests and should be treated with respect. If a guest does not want to participate, offer an encouraging word and smile and then let it go.

Do Consider the Mom-to-be When Planning All Games

Most likely if you are planning a baby shower for an expectant mom, you know her pretty well. She may be a relative, dear friend or coworker. Use your knowledge of the guest of honor’s likes and dislikes to select games and choose activities. If she is sensitive about the size of her baby bump, do not play Measure the Belly. If she follows celebrity lifestyles closely, do opt for Celebrity Baby Name Match game.

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